Case Studies


The Right Deduction

Just before the deadline to file his annual tax return, a client and his accountant called us to assist in what they thought would be an easy problem to solve. That wasn't exactly the case.

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The Wrong Appraisal Assignment

Two equal shareholders had been directed by the court to value their equity interest in a regular “C” corporation. The subject corporation was a General Partner in a venture (partnership) to build a series of tract homes.

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A Qualified Second Opinion

We were recently contacted by counsel and the local Superior Court in two different cases to review the report and valuation calculations of another appraiser. Regretfully, in both instances, neither appraisal report conformed to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and was not prepared by certified or credentialed appraisers.

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The Provisional Director

In many cases, deadlocked and disputing equal shareholders turn to the courts for dispute resolution and assistance. In three different cases (2001-2003) we have been appointed and approved by the court and shareholders to serve as a Provisional Director pursuant to CCC Sections 2001 and 204.

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The Properly Planned Family Limited Partnership

A significant part of our practice addresses the value of minority limited partnership interests. Properly planned with an appropriate business purpose and by skilled legal counsel, a family limited partnership can provide a vehicle for family asset management and estate tax minimization. In two recent cases, we valued non-marketable limited partnership or limited liability corporation interests with specific reference to the actual facts and circumstances of the partnership and operating agreements.

Market Analysis

The Well-Reasoned and Documented Opinion

A well-researched, independent, and non-advocacy appraisals and testimonies has helped our clients tremendously.

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Transaction Advisory Services

ABA was engaged to provide a range of calculations to represent a seller in an acquisition negotiation with a publicly traded company.

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Dueling Appraisers

We have been involved in dozens of disputes in which each side retained a business appraiser, and the two resulting opinions differed sufficiently that no negotiated settlement was immediately feasible.

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The Properly Documented Purchase Price Allocation

As now required by ASC 805, we were recently engaged to assist a Silicon Valley-based company to first directly value the purchased intangible assets and then assist corporate accounting in allocating the purchase price.

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The Interim and Part Time CFO

Messrs. Eggers and Laversin are often asked to provide senior financial management assistance to companies in need of temporary assistance with special problems.

United States Court House

Contested Family Law Matters

As court-appointed experts, we have recently testified on some basic California Family Law principles.

Contract Paper Signing

Effective Buy-Sell Agreement

A corporate counsel for a large Northern California printer engaged us to perform the work required by an innovative and effective Buy-Sell Agreement.

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Differing Stock Option Viewpoints

Like many Family Law issues, there are differing viewpoints on how to value stock options. With such local emphasis on incentive stock options as part of compensation and the nature of the companies doing work in the Bay Area, valuing stock options incident to a marital dissolution is a common project.